The word ‘serene’, which signifies peace and tranquility, is probably the sensation which is most sought after, yet, least attained. In the world of fashion, the word ‘serene’ is suggestive of utter calm and unruffled repose. Nothing delights the human heart as much as the sight of an Arcadian beauty, enmeshing her surroundings in a web of ‘serenity’. It is a web in which every man would love to be trapped, just to seek a momentary escape into the ‘cloudless and untroubled’ world…

With this in mind, the fashion house of Jaya Misra is presenting the range of exquisite designs, which are the concoction of the modern creativity and the ‘in vogue’ designs. There is an artistic blend of georgette material with glaring colors which helps in adding up the glam factor, dutch satin, french lace, crochet, net,  material has been designed in dark shades that exudes the exuberance inherent in humans. The collection also have the ever elegant chiffon material in shades of the eye-catching colors like blue which denotes empyrean, tomato red to crepuscular, yellow and the perpetual winning colors black which is the symbol of ultimate power and beij, thus making it suitable for a variety of different occasion. This shall be an inexplicable treat for the fashionistas as the theme is creative, innovation meets haute couture.

The colors have been used keeping in mind the significance of each of them. While the tomato red signifies the fiery nature and the power of the soul as it engulfs in itself all other colors and exemplifies ultra supremacy. Also the use of yellow ads to the vivacity of the design as yellow is the symbolic of vigor and verve. To add the calmness in the scene, beij too has been roped as it depicts serenity and calmness. To contrast with this serenity we have the dark brown color that represents the warmth and earthly ties. All in all, there has been an earnest try to portray the basic elements that make us what we are- our defining symbols!

Here are some samples :-

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