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                                              “  विधु वदनी सब भांति सवारी

                                              सोह न बसन बिना बर  नारी

Apparels are considered to be an essential fragment in the shringar of the women. A woman couldn’t gaze enamor and enchant with only putting solah shringar. That’s why array of women are given an abundant emphasis in our Indian culture. One has to be admirable in order to look exquisite and to be acclaimed. Solah shringar refers to the sixteen adornments of a Woman for beautification. The term shringar is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi, who is a model wife and Continue reading


RIP Steve Jobs!

Creation is divine…and creators are Gods…

Here’s some of the best tributes to one of the greatest creators of our time!

1. Realigning the Stars.

2. A ding in the Universe.

3. On Steve Jobs.

4. One I saw.

5. iPencil to iPhone.

6. Before this goes away too.

RIP Steve. You will always be an inspiration to us.