The etymology of the word “c’est la vie” which signifies impulse and vitality may be traced back to the French word which originally meant “ that’s life “… The word signifies the expression that life can be harsh but one has to accept it nonetheless!
The glistening embers in the dark dilapidated square, the piercing rays through the dark thundering clouds, the last iota of energy while nearing the destination, the teardrops of the love when embraced in your arms, the kind of hope when all guards are down. C’est la vie or that’s life is what we see in the above facets of life.
Keeping that in mind Jaya Misra’s new C’est La Vie collection is now all set to conquer USA, as part of her entourage on October 2, 2011 at 6:30 p.m., as part of Brooklyn (BK) Fashion Week.
The influence was the eternal beauty and joy of human life, the challenge was to get that on clothes. Getting the right color combination is also the decisive point. With this in mind the Jaya Misra Fashion house presents you the range of ethereal designs which are the concoction of the modern activity.
To bring out this message, we have used dark colors like brown, beige, and black on materials such as tissue, chiffon, Georgette, net. The color Black is a universal color. It is one such color which absorbs all the colors of the world and thus it is the prominent color of this collection which imparts the message that one has to embrace everything the life offers.
The pattern is generally dots and lines on which expressive work has been designed. French lace fabric is also given in few garments. Silhouette, that is, outline of the different patterns and objects filled in with the uniform colors mentioned above is the main attraction of our collection,”C’est La Vie “.


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