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                                              “  विधु वदनी सब भांति सवारी

                                              सोह न बसन बिना बर  नारी

Apparels are considered to be an essential fragment in the shringar of the women. A woman couldn’t gaze enamor and enchant with only putting solah shringar. That’s why array of women are given an abundant emphasis in our Indian culture. One has to be admirable in order to look exquisite and to be acclaimed. Solah shringar refers to the sixteen adornments of a Woman for beautification. The term shringar is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi, who is a model wife and Continue reading


The etymology of the word “c’est la vie” which signifies impulse and vitality may be traced back to the French word which originally meant “ that’s life “… The word signifies the expression that life can be harsh but one has to accept it nonetheless!
The glistening embers in the dark dilapidated square, the piercing rays through the dark thundering clouds, the last iota of energy while nearing the destination, the teardrops of the love when embraced in your arms, the kind of hope when all guards are down. C’est la vie or that’s life is what we see in the above facets of life.
Keeping that in mind Jaya Misra’s new C’est La Vie collection is now all set to conquer USA, as part of her entourage on October 2, 2011 at 6:30 p.m., as part of Brooklyn (BK) Fashion Week. Continue reading

Creation is divine…and creators are Gods…

Here’s some of the best tributes to one of the greatest creators of our time!

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RIP Steve. You will always be an inspiration to us.